Automedia and Tint | Corona, CA

Automedia and Tint | Corona, CA

Car Stereo Installation, Repair & Replacement

Whether you're driving across country or just cruising to work, you rely on your car stereo to keep your road trips entertaining. If your stereo is on the fritz, visit Automedia and Tint ASAP. We'll inspect your stereo to see what the issue is. Once we locate the problem, we'll recommend repairing or replacing it so you can continue enjoying your ride in style.

Contact us now to learn about car stereo replacement options in Corona, California.

Get the perfect system for a reasonable price

The team at Automedia and Tint will provide the service you need at a price you can live with. We'll fix your old stereo or install a new one so you can:

  • Listen to your favorite tunes while running errands
  • Hear traffic updates on your way to work
  • Entertain your passengers during long drives
  • Talk on your phone hands-free

Make the most of your time on the road. Call 951-808-8889 now for car stereo repair service in Corona, California.